A Diary in the Times of CoVid19

A Diary in the Times of CoVid19

It’s been 4 weeks since our country has been on total lockdown to battle against the novel Coronavirus and the kids have started their 6th week of school from home.

My days initially were a blur as I’d get up, clean house, get the kids to start their days work, rush up to the terrace in the afternoon and play some running games, get back figure about dinner, read and sleep, repeat.

Over the weeks, the schoolwork has become more manageable, and the new normal has set in. We still try and get our family of four some exercise and outdoor time. I have yet to get to my list of things I thought I’d do while we’re home like online art classes, online museum visits, board games.

I wouldn’t say things have been all hunky dory on the home front. Tempers have flared, bouts of blues have come and gone. But living with children does not allow you the luxury to mope. You have to get out of bed and show up. Everyday you go to bed you promise them to show up as your most authentic and best self. You have no room to get bogged down. So you don’t.

There’s so much to learn from children. They want to be happy; hence they just are. The small joys are everything. They’ve been in existence for such a short time that they aren’t set in their ways, so now this is their normal. Simple.
Children adapt. They’re cheerful. They play when they’re troubled. They know exactly what’s going on still worry doesn’t seep through them like a sponge. Because they’re creatures of the present.

I must make a case for staying home and what it’s done for my mental well-being. Without the daily stressors of the alarm clock, sitting in traffic, looking at the red line on Google map willing it to be wrong just this once, taking the kids to tennis etc., dragging around cranky tired kids who have had no space to just be all day, I feel my mind being free.

As I type this it’s 2:20 am. I get my me time from 12:30 am to 2:30 am every day. This is when I have always worked best and I use this time to read. Before I had alot more time in the day to read, but I read much lighter, breezy reads, romance and lighter stuff. They were an escape for me from my millions of little stressors. Being out in the world amongst people a major one of them.

After the lockdown I find I have way more mindspace to read heavier more thought provoking books. Now reading for me is more about being present and engaging with life not escaping it. I am currently reading War and Peace and just finished A Room of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf and A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles and enjoyed them immensely. This hasn’t been a conscious decision, a mere observation.

This not to belittle the real life worries of what next and how the next few months will pan out for us with our source of income drying up. Poverty and death outside our doors, nation wide hunger, all this does play on my mind. I happen to be a person though for whom worrying a lot does not come naturally. The so called minor stressors and daily triggers affect me far worse frivolous as that may sound.

And right now, there’s none of those. Home has been quite ok, where the heart is and all that.

To quote my favourite quote and words that I live by, ‘ After all, tomorrow is another day’.

Thanks for reading, Hows the lockdown treating you?